Frequently asked questions about search ads in the Shopify App Store

Review frequently asked questions about search ads in the Shopify App Store.

Why doesn't my ad appear in search results?

There are some common reasons why your ad might not appear on a given search results page:

  • Your bid for a keyword isn't high enough.
  • Your app is not relevant for the keywords that you're bidding on.
  • Your ad budget has been exhausted.
  • The computer used to access the search results is using a VPN (virtual private network).
  • Search results are experiencing unusual traffic patterns, such as a high number of searches being made in a short period of time.

If I have 2 ads but they share keywords, which one wins the auction?

They will enter the auction together, and one will be chosen based on the bid and the relevance to the search.

Can I run ads in a language other than English?

Yes. Advertisers can bid on non-English keywords. If there are merchant searches for non-English keywords, then ad impressions can appear. Accents and special characters are stripped from ad impressions.

Do ads show on mobile?

No. Because the Shopify App Store install conversion rate is lower on mobile, we've decided to focus on desktop for now.

No. If a merchant has installed your app, then they won't see an ad for it. But if a merchant has uninstalled your app, then they will be eligible to see your ad again.

Do ads show on shops that are not compatible with my app based on the install requirements that I specified in my app listing?


Is there a minimum bid?

Yes. The system enforces a minimum bid. If your bid is below this minimum bid, then your ad will not be displayed.

Is there a minimum budget?

Yes. The minimum budget is $5.00 per day.

Can I run multiple ads for the same app?


No. Ads link to the app listing to make sure the merchants have a consistent user experience within the Shopify App Store.

Can I apply my ad credit to multiple ads?

Yes. Your ad credit will be automatically applied to all of your currently running search ads.

Will my credit card be charged if I spend only $40 out of my $100 of ad credit?

No. Shopify starts charging you for ads only after your full ad credit has been applied to search ads.

Are there other ways to pay for ads?

No. Currently, credit card is the only supported payment method for ads.